Professional SaaS Boilerplate Template for Node.js

Save days of development
Focus on what matters

We love to code!

but... coding is among the least important activities when building an online business.

What's critical is Finding problems & Selling to customers. Put your software engineering skills to better use: deliver partially working prototypes, which help potential customers gain your trust and commit with pre-orders to your solution.

NodeX Saas starter Kit helps you avoid procastrinating (spending time on devops and latest frameworks...).
NodeX includes all the basic building blocks you need to get started with a modern multi-tenant SaaS, ready to build upon.

Try the demo See a real project based on NodeX


Modern tech stack

Node.js, PostgreSQL, Vue.js

with async/await, hot reloading and a seamless development experience.

Best practices

We care about code quality, maintenance, extensibility & rapid development of new features.

Just deploy & build upon

Deploy to Heroku and have it running in minutes. Or choose your preferred cloud provider.

Dashboard / Front-end

Extending the awesome CoreUI, built with Bootstrap. We build upon the Vue.js version, but you could also use React.js version. You'd have to port our add-ons though.

Easy to upgrade to latest version: just follow directions in dashboard/, which preserve customizations.


With a set of powerful utility functions developed & maintained across many projects, we make it easy to start projects or build new features.

Extends Express.js, Passport.js & more, all using async/await for clarity & reduced code.


Speedy response times. Ease of development, debugging & automation.

User management

Complete, secure user management, including 'Sign up', 'Sign in', 'Forgot password'.

Single or Team user mode

Does your SaaS target single users or businesses with multiple staff? We support both! Just set the USER_MODE environment variable.

Permissions / Roles

Hide UI features depending on user permissions (see Demo top-right > Staff accounts). Deny/allow APIs access with just a parameter in Express route declaration.

Built-in Subscription payments

Fully working Subscription payments (see top-right user menu). Implemented with Braintree, due to built-in PayPal support (improves conversions with people reluctant to enter credit card details online).

We could add Stripe too if enough demand.

Email sending

Easily send 10,000 emails free every month using the built-in Sparkpost wrapper.

Here's a code sample.

Scheduler / Cron script

NodeX includes a sample Scheduler / Cron script which sends a daily newsletter to subscribed users, with an unsubscribe link.

Manage items / CRUD sample

Sample "Manage Products" master/detail functionality (Vue views and back-end APIs). This can be duplicated & adapted for entities needed by your project.

Image uploading

Upload & store images in Cloudinary. Works on both Mobile & Desktop. Crop image on client before uploading.

Tech Stack


Develop new functionalities quickly, high performance, same JavaScript skills as required for front-end.

Deploy on any modern cloud.


As your project grows, PostgreSQL will keep meeting your complex needs: views, triggers, JSON data types, custom stored procedures & functions, Pub/Sub notifications.


Easy to grasp, modern tooling, large community.

If you prefer React.js, you can start from React CoreUI build. You'd have to port our add-ons though.

Recommended Deployment Architecture

Code Samples

If the code seems too simple, it's because of the wrappers built around common functionality. Our goal was to enable quicker feature development.


Single project


All features above

Use in a single project

Email support (3 months)

Bugfixing (3 months)

Do not redistribute

Unlimited projects


All features above

Use in multiple projects

Email support (3 months)

Bugfixing (3 months)

Do not redistribute

App source code


Full real app: Batch Virtual Picture Framer
(no static website)

Real-life features

Includes PayPal one-time payments
(adds Credits to account)

Includes Shopify integration

Use in multiple projects

Email support (3 months)

Do not redistribute. No refund.