Feel free to ask any other questions at nodex@wensia.com

Does the demo contains all the features?

Yes. These are accessible from

  • sign in screen (Sign up, Forgot passsword, Sign in)
  • top-right menu (User preferences, Manage staff including sending a valid invite email, Manage subscription)
  • left sidebar (Dashboard, Manage Products and more)

Even the monitoring API :)

How can I know the code quality of the boiler plate?

Please see the code samples.

We also offer a money-back guarantee: if code quality is an issue, let us know your feedback and we’ll fully refund your purchase.

What do I get?

You get

  • a zip/tgz file with the boiler plate code. It includes notes on how to setup dashboard & backend, SQL declarations to create tables, views & functions, and of course the neatly organized code.
  • one year of email support & bugfixing for any issues that you report regarding the included code/features.

What happens when a bug is found in the boiler plate?

Let us know during one year after purchase and we’ll fix it: nodex@wensia.com

How is the 1 project restriction enforced?

By trusting you.

We deliver a lot value at a very reasonable price (see similar projects such as railskits.com, bullettrain.co). I love to make customers happy to pay for the benefits they receive, rather than forcing them. Appreciate your support!